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Preventing stillbirths can cost just US$2.32 per mother if governments, the private sector and international institutions adopt a package of 10 health interventions, rather than allowing stillbirths to be an almost invisible problem.

If ten recommended interventions were 99 percent implemented in 68 priority [low and middle-income] countries, the number of stillbirths could be halved, said Professor Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta of the Aga Khan University Medical Centre in Karachi, Pakistan, author of one of a series of papers on stillbirth published in The Lancet medical journal papers.

Even if the interventions were 60% covered, stillbirths could be reduced by one-quarter. Some 2.64 million fetuses die after the 28th week of pregnancy, mostly in low- and middle-income countries.

Interventions include: basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care; skilled care at birth; detection and management of fetal growth restriction; detection and management of hypertension in pregnancy; elective induction in post-term pregnancies; insecticide-treated bed nets and intermittent prophylaxis to prevent malaria; detection and treatment of syphilis; folic acid supplementation; and management of diabetes in pregnancy.

This is of major and critical concern that we need everyone's support, including the health and medical professionals and all who love life.

HealthLine Foundation Position and Action

HLF programs and services offered confront this what can be called invisible health problem within the Public Health programs and of most governmental bodies, be they regional, national, local and personal.

The Foundation offers programs to assist local healthcare  governing bodies in managing this one aspect of the mother and child crisis.

Your help is needed as well.  If $2.32, the cost of a fancy coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Bean can save lives—do we need to say any more…

Next time you have that great cup of Ethiopian, or Kenya, or Ghana coffee think of whose life you could save.