HealthLine Foundation / USA

Because of the support and commitment of the Foundation donors and supporters the Foundation is able to provide and offer a wide range of services and programs based on the Foundations’ broad mandate and stated objectives of bringing comprehensive medical and healthcare services to realize a healthier world.

These donor supported HealthLine Foundation programs, services, research and analysis are valued by a wide range of individuals and organizations: from those responsible for any nation’s well being, Ministries of Health, healthcare and medical professionals and executives, country risk analysts, national politicians, members of the civil society, to academics, journalists, other NGO personnel, and most importantly,
the mothers and children the Foundation
programs and serviced assist in living.

Services and programs offered:

HealthLine Maternal, Infant Care Program (HMIC Program)

Healing-Touch Medical, Dental and the Gift of vision Missions

Integrated HealthLine Outreach Program (I-HOP)

Yes I Can Achieve Program

HealthLine Medical Diagnostic and Dialysis and Systems. (HMDDS)

Special Services:

Who Walked On the Front-Line Of Health

Inter- National Summit on Maternal and Infant Care (I-NSOMIC)

Capacity Building and Continuous Medical Examination (CAP-C-MED)

Hospital and Healthcare Rehabilitation Projects

Other Services:

HealthLine Management and Consulting Services

Heartfelt Pro-Bono Services