HealthLine Foundation / USA

HealthLine Management & Consulting Services—HMCS - is a specialized professional service provided by the Foundation to local (USA) and overseas healthcare organizations, government ministries of health and independent hospitals.

Healthcare Management and Consulting

HMCS makes available the professional industry expertise to institutions and organizations that may not have the infrastructure, staff, available time within the organization or may need additional input regarding structure, policies and procedures, strategic planning and training.

HMCS provides management, administrative support, planning, development, implementation and management of regional and national healthcare delivery systems and facilities to meet the current and future needs of its clients.

Both public and private sector organizations are invited to inquire how HMCS can be of assistance.  Our approach, both locally and internationally is private, confidential and low-profile – We invite your RFP and if you and your organization have specific procedures for obtaining response to your RFP we are accommodating and prepared to work with you to deliver appropriate responses to meet your needs and both legal and regulatory requirements.

The HMCS Services:

HMCS offers organizational capacity building, continuous medical education to health care professionals in federal, state and regional governments, community organizations and clinics, independent hospitals and healthcare organizations.

HMCS analyzes, educates, monitors, and assesses the quality of healthcare delivery, overseeing patient safety programs to provide excellence in clinical outcomes, quality care and service to the community.

The HMCS Program Teams are composed of professionals with expertise in healthcare design, operation, and expertise in clinical care, education and capacity building.

The HMCS Professionals Include:

Physicians, public health specialists, social and behavioral experts, demographers, epidemiologists, bio-statisticians, trainers and marketing experts. National and international experts with knowledge and understanding of health issues in the region, who can plan, train, manage and evaluate health programs providing information and support services in the clinical environment.

Service Categories Offered:

Quality Management, Improvement and Patient Safety:

  • Quality management development and implementation of standards, guidelines, clinical pathways and performance monitoring systems.
  • Evaluation of health services, certification, licensing and accreditation
  • Training programs for clinical, technical and managerial staff.
  • Hospital information systems, E-health and E-learning.

Management and Development:

  • Management of medical office buildings, ambulatory care centers, clinics, administrative office buildings, mobile clinics and ancillary facilities
  • Vendor contracting and sourcing support
  • Capital and operating budget forecasting

Health Care Facilities and Services:

  • Feasibility studies and needs assessment
  • Facility and services development planning
  • Infrastructure and equipment procurement and physical asset management
  • Management of health facilities and services
  • Health promotion, hygiene and nutrition
  • Preventative care and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Family planning, obstetrical, neonatal, pediatric, adolescent and adult health

Policies and Procedures:

  • Health policy and financing
  • Decentralization of healthcare systems and services
  • Institutional capacity building at central, district and local levels
  • Public/private partnerships and privatization in healthcare
  • Health care financing including health insurance and prepayment systems
  • Develop new P&P(s)
  • Review and revise existing P&P(s)

Public Private Partnerships and Private Sector Partnerships:

  • Promoting healthy behaviors to address risk factors
  • Promoting preventative health services
  • Privatization of health care facilities
  • Dissemination of information and care to remote areas

Planning, Retention Clinical Program Planning:
Develop clinical program plans appropriate to the needs of the community across the full continuum of care and prioritization of medical services based on local needs.

Marketing Planning and Contract Development:

  • Market and demographic analysis and definition
  • Population analysis
  • Demand and volume projections
  • Physician need analysis
  • Identification of locations and sites
  • Capital budget requirements
  • Financial feasibility
  • Business plan development

Turn-Key Projects:

  • Advisory, equipment negotiation, recommendation, acquisition and shipment
  • Arranging financing, shipping, installation, applications training, providing or assisting with service contracts and warranty service on many systems.
  • Handling all aspects of a project ranging from freight forwarding for international clients to site planning services.
  • Project promotion, advertisement, media interest and strategic media partnership


You are invited to contact us for details and a confidential response to establish a communications link and an opportunity for the Foundation and our  qualified staff to respond, be of assistance and/or provide an insight of how and what the Foundation’s HMCS can provide.

For confidential inquiry or to forward your RFP, please contact us via e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology Equipment Acquisition & Support

On your behalf HMCS can be contracted to provide coordination of the complex and ever-changing medical technology and equipment planning, procurement, installation, re-installation and maintenance, technical support backed by qualified technicians for ambulatory care centers, emergency services and facilities, surgical centers, community hospitals, cardiac, oncology, pediatric, imaging centers, laboratory facilities and tele-health.

Through HMCS and the Foundation partners we provide access to the largest inventories of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment available; MRI Systems & Equipment, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, Radiology Equipment & X-Ray Equipment, Bone Densitometers, C-Arms, MRI, CT Scanners, Pet Scanners, Nuclear Medicine Equipment, Mammography Equipment, Cardiology and General Medical Equipment.

HMCS is in a unique position to provide our clients with top quality new, used or pre-owned, reconditioned Diagnostic Imaging Equipment at some of the best internationally competitive pricing levels.  Our ability to achieve the most favorable terms and conditions is due to our relationship with our long-term equipment and manufacture partners serving the U.S. and the international healthcare and medical industry.

Our partners are registered corporations in the U.S.A. with over 13 year experience dealing with national, international and worldwide clients, assuring that we provide and negotiate the best terms, conditions and pricing on the equipment your operations require.