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When the World and Africa specifically are considered in terms of health, and both child and maternal mortality the challenges are many. We believe that our work and understating of these critical issues are reflected in what we strive to accomplish… We hope you agree and support us in our work...


HealthLine Foundation is committed to improving overall global health for the world’s poorest by increasing the availability of the essentials of good health services. In collaboration with governments, communities, and other key partners, we strive to extend the reach of professional healthcare, to improve the maternal and infant health care delivery system and contribute to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rate in the developing countries starting with Africa.



Envisioning the ideology; the highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental human right, not a privilege.



  • To coordinate the medical, and the clinical aspects of health care programs in the under developed world through our programs, our hospitals, Diagnostics and treatment center development projects.
  • Do the logistical co-ordination to bring short-term medical mission to offer free medical services, professional healthcare and support to the poor and underprivileged in the developing countries.
  • Supply needed medications, equipments and medical supplies to healthcare facilities in the rural areas of the developing countries.
  • To provide hope, build the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of children and young people with disabilities and low educational achievements
  • To coordinate and develop an accessible international database for the various governmental agencies and other humanitarian donors, who desire to see that their donations and grants are well spent in the advancement of the health of individuals and communities in the developing countries.
  • To advocates against corruption and other issues integral to the issue of poor health care delivery in order to realize a greater and more lasting impact from healthcare development work and projects.



No Organization or establishment succeeds in an environment or system that is not supported by certain values and beliefs. In this light, HealthLine Foundation takes seriously certain values seen as core to the success of our programs and services.


These include:






Mutual respect and tolerance

of other people’s views, religion and culture

Distribution of maternal deaths in Africa, by cause (1997-2002)

Note: Other causes of maternal death include ectopic pregnancy, embolism, other direct and indirect causes, and unclassified deaths. Percentages in the pie chart do not total 100% because of rounding.

Source for figures: World Health Organization, UNICEF, United Nations Population Fund and the World Bank, Maternal Mortality in 2005, 2007. Causes of maternal death: Khan, Khalid S., et al., ’WHO Analysis of Causes of Maternal Deaths: A Systematic Review’, The Lancet, vol. 367, no. 9516.