HealthLine Foundation / USA

Healthier world and more specifically healthier Africa is a task that requires many programs, efforts and commitments, way beyond the abilities and support of a single origination. The Foundation bases its efforts on the severity of the healthcare problems and harms to the future of the people and families in the inflicted areas we are invited to operate in and assist in resolving.

Following are the major concerns the Foundation and our supporters and donors have identified as the thrust areas of current efforts:

Infant Mortality

Maternal Mortality

Breast Cancer

Overall Healthcare

Reaching the Millennium 2015 Targets

One of the international community’s goals for developing nations is to get them to improve their healthcare delivery systems. That’s a good thing. How you get there is another thing.
Several decades ago, at about the same time the world launched the Millennium Development Goals, many African heads of state gathered together as members of the Organization of African Unity (now the African Union) in Abuja, Nigeria, to promise to increase health care spending to 15 percent of the Gross Domestic Product.

In Africa the amount provided to support  healthcare and thus public health varies between governments and also within each year's budgets—if anything that is permanent is inconsistency and in most cases not placing healthcare and public health as a national prerequisite.

Reaching the Millennium Development Goals for healthcare and public health are the Foundation’s major efforts.  It is a major task that needs support from all of us!