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Healthier world and more specifically healthier Africa is a task that requires many programs, efforts and commitments, way beyond the abilities and support of a single origination. The Foundation bases its efforts on the severity of the healthcare problems


Our Mission

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HealthLine Foundation is committed to improving overall global health for the world’s poorest by increasing the availability of the essentials


Our Vision

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Envisioning the ideology; the highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental human right, not a privilege.


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Support & Donations

Your Foundation is benefactor supported by individuals, small businesses, companies, corporations and other foundations


Our Goals & Work

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To coordinate the medical, and the clinical aspects of health care programs in the under developed world through our programs, our hospitals, Read more...

Our Core Values

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No Organization or establishment succeeds in an environment or system that is not supported by certain values and beliefs. In this light, HealthLine  Read more...

Our History

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The Foundation is guided by a very personal tragedy that the Founder, Uchenna Ibeh, experienced, when younger and on the other side Read more....